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About Aurora’s Founder


Mitchell Ingerman is the President and Founder of Aurora Energy Advisors. He has more than 25 years of executive experience in real estate finance and asset management, during which he has been on the cutting-edge of developing cost-saving energy programs for many leading real estate owners, developers and managers. Mitchell brings an unparalleled ability to view a client’s portfolio from the executive side of the desk.

Prior to founding Aurora Energy Advisors, Mitchell served as Senior Vice President of Asset Management, Administration and Treasurer for 22 years with one of the largest real estate organizations in the United States. In this role, he was responsible for initiating and implementing energy strategies for the organization’s $5 billion residential and commercial real estate portfolio. Mitchell directly supervised a staff of 45, and created programs that resulted in $14 million in annual savings in the areas of procurement, conservation and demand response.

Mitchell brings a strategic, seasoned perspective to his clients’ portfolios, and becomes an integral part of each organization’s management team. He has earned a strong reputation for establishing programs that have resulted in millions of dollars in savings, and currently manages in excess of $2 billion in energy disbursements for clients, including oil, gas, electricity and steam.