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Our Approach

Aurora Energy Advisors, LLC is a full-service energy management and consulting firm specializing in sophisticated strategies designed to manage energy costs for real estate owners and managers.

Empowering Informed Decisions

Aurora Energy Advisors believes that our clients should be able to make informed decisions based upon a full analysis of historical data, market trends, transparent bidding, and other factors that weigh into significant energy management decisions. All options are evaluated in great detail, so our clients feel confident they are achieving the most cost-effective end result for their business.

Seamless Integration

When a company partners with Aurora Energy Advisors, they are not simply getting an energy manager. Aurora’s clients view us as integral members of their executive team, where we proactively manage portfolio energy needs. Through precise actions, Aurora initiates plans and programs in a non-invasive way, seamlessly interacting with the client’s staff.

Proactive Strategies

Aurora Energy Advisors proactively analyze each property’s unique needs before presenting sound financial recommendations. We understand the need for hands-on energy management and work to effectively monitor, control and manage costs. Education is a critical part of energy management and we will work with your team to review the results of our analysis as well as all facets of your energy program.

Intelligent Cost Savings

The complexity of today’s energy markets demands a comprehensive understanding of industry strategies, in addition to constant monitoring and intelligent action. Even property managers who believe they have secured the lowest energy costs may still have additional opportunities available to them. It is critical to account for the current and futures market, historic trends, the property’s usage pattern and complex rate structures.

Established Relationships

Aurora Energy Advisors is an independent energy management firm, and as such, works only with reputable, financially sound vendors, all of whom undergo a strict vetting process. Dealing with these established, notable energy suppliers allows Aurora to give our clients a broad range of options. Moreover, Aurora has vast buying power and significant leverage, currently managing in excess of $2 billion in energy contracts.

Ethical Energy Procurement

Aurora maintains a strict corporate governance policy wherein any incentives from vendors are strictly prohibited, so our clients are assured that procurement proposals are bid competitively and aggressively to achieve maximum benefit for their business.